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Velsat Technology Printer Repairing
Velsat Technology Printer Repairing
  1.  Click on “Add to cart” button on the product you wish to purchase
  2. Click “Continue Shopping” to add more products into the cart or click “Checkout” to proceed for your payment.
  3. Fill up the “Billing Details” form, if want to ship to different address please fill up the “Ship to different address” form.
  4. Kindly please click the ‘Create Account’ button to track your order.
  5. Choose your payment type, if choose “Direct bank transfer” please email or whatsapp to us the payment receipt. You also can pay through “paypal or credit card”. If you prefer “credit card” choose the PayPal method and on the page choose the credit card payment.
  6. If there is no Credit Card or Debit Card option in the PayPal pane, kindly please close the pane and refresh the checkout page.
  1. Bank Transfer (Details of the bank will be appear after place the order). Kindly please email the payment receipt to

    – Please note that your purchased products will not delivered until we have this payment receipt or confirmation. 

  2. Online payment through paypal.
  3. Online payment through credit card.
  1. Login to your account and go to “Account details” to change your details.
  2. Go to “Addresses” to change your “Shipping Details”.

    – If you already made an order before changing the Shipping Address, kindly please contact our customer support, and provide the new address with the order id. (Scan the 2nd QR Code)
  1. Yes, if the the order is still on pending status, kindly please contact our representative (2nd QR Code) to cancel your order and get your refund if payment already made (Please mention or order id). If you choose the bank transfer method, just leave the order as it because after a month the system will cancel the order.
  2. Orders that are in shipping or shipped will not be cancel. 
  1. Currently we only accept Ringgit Malaysia. For other currencies, please contact our representative (1st QR Code)
  1. For the orders within Klang Valley usually it will takes about 1 – 3 working days.
  2. For the orders outside Klang Valley, delivery usually will takes about 5 – 9 working days.

Sorry if still unable to clear your doubts. You are welcome to whatsapp us for faster response to clear your doubts.

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  1. Enquiry on products or business related
  2. Enquiry on technical problems on website, billing or your order.