IT Maintenance . Repairing . IT Scrapping


Velsat Technology IT Maintenance plan is an ongoing technical support for your network, printers and servers, in minimizing the risk of controllable disaster or breakdown. We also implement and maintain the company hardware and network base on your needs and budget. Your needs is more important that what you want to ensure a smooth daily activities in your business

With an affordable fee of IT Maintenance, you can rest assure and trust us in managing your IT Technology and Network to reduce the risk of upcoming disaster. Our technical professional are all occupied with great skills in their hand to apply it on your system. We will plan the Network and Technology purely based on your needs and budget, and if you need more, you can freely add it up. Feel free to contact our representative for more info on the IT Maintenance service.


Servers or Printers problems?, We are here to help reduce your problems with your machine and caused you unneeded stress and waste of money. Well from our Experience, we can tell you that you are not the only alien in this problems. We can help you, we can diagnose your machine and fix the machine after we consult with you first.

We aim to fix your machine within 24 hrs of your call, if there no major issues, fixable and we have the parts in our warehouse or store. No matter where you are in Selangor or Malaysia we will reach you base on our transport capabilities. We are occupied with passionate and expert technician that eager and ready to server you.


Electronic devices also produce toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, polluting PVC plastic and hazardous chemicals such as brominated flame retardants which can harm human health and the environment. Proper dispose of the electronic devices or known as e-waste is very important. We at Velsat Technology provide e-waste collection service and we will pay you for the e-waste item that you we collect according to the market price of scrap products.